How To Interact With Needy Individuals (Including Yourself)

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Before we get down to business, I must define what neediness and being needy really is.

Neediness is considered as a condition of indigence. People with low socioeconomic status feel this condition. On the other hand, a needy person is insecure and codependent. He or she usually uses tactics to gain approval, attention, or both. 

As with everything, there are two sides of the story. There are those who deal with the needy individuals and those who deal with their emotional conflicts. Continue reading on to know more!

How An Anxiety Attack Changed My View On Life

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I heard my heart pound as fast as it could! It was as if horses want to escape out of my chest. I was getting dizzier as time passed. Not to mention, I was sweating profusely. Every hair on my body went up! I knew I needed a break. My body's alarm system craved my attention.


I am happy to walk you through the beginning. From a young age, my parents and my resources have blessed with the academic skills to do well in school. I was consistently in the "higher level classes" and have been in the honor roll. I finished with undergraduate degree when I was 19 and earned Second-class honours (i.e., 2i or Magna cum laude). Soon after, I fulfilled my childhood dream by becoming an author. Few years down the road, I had set my mind to a distinct career path. I was offered a coveted promotion that people typically receive at the height of their careers.

By merely reading the above paragraph, you will get a grasp of how seemingly fast-paced my life is. Imagine my initial reaction!

ASK ANNA #9: Alzheimer's and Art Therapy

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Recently, I have been given the chance to explore the relationship of Alzheimer’s Disease and Art Therapy. Here are just some of the interview questions that I answered. These information may come in handy in the future!

What are the mental capabilities of people with Alzheimer's?

The mental capabilities of people with this condition are limited. At first, they may notice mild confusion and difficulty in remembering trivial things (e.g., the location of one’s keys). Multitasking is challenging for them too!

Eventually, they may forget the names of important people in their lives. Further progression of the disorder may lead to the inability to recognize numbers and the inability to converse coherently.

Does A Paid Cup Of Coffee Taste Better Than A Free One?

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Paying for our purchases with cold, hard cash hurts!

Why is this so? Let us look at how one cup of coffee led to a revealing discovery in consumer science.

Avni Shah, an assistant marketing professor, relies on a latte for a morning fix. Her routine is simple. She walks into a coffee shop, orders her usual cup of joe, and swipes her card.

These steps were automatically embedded into her daily regimen - as if her morning was on repeat. However, she forgot her debit card one day. Forced to take a break from her routine, she paid for her coffee by counting her cash. As she sipped her warm cup of coffee, she felt a significant difference. The cup that she paid for cash seemingly tasted better!

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