Love And Attraction: Which Type Of Infidelity Will Anger You The Most?

May 09, 2016

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As overly dramatized by the media, the society clamors for a good story about public personalities who had messy affairs. This influenced the shift towards the acceptance of affairs. Nowadays, some people see affairs as an option for men or women to gain the excitement and intimacy that they otherwise lack in their dull marriages.

Having an affair has its own positive and negative consequences. And since the negative side has been well-documented, I shall focus more on its "positive" Psychological consequences. An affair can help restore the feelings of affirmation and later give the person the courage to leave an unhealthy marriage. It can also help revitalize an existing relationships as the people involved become more honest about what motivated them to cheat.

On that note, this list shall enlighten you about the different types of affairs:


A sexual affair is merely about the lust and the act and nothing more. It can feel immensely intense and passionate at its peak but it is the quickest to flame out. Masked by this type of affair are underlying emotional conflicts. This type of affair goes downhill if the lovers feel that they are not connected emotionally and if the sexual excitement declines.


Do you consider it an affair if the lovers do not engage in the act?

When you share an intense connection and constant self-disclosure with someone other than your husband or wife, you are possibly engaging in an emotional affair. An emotional affair happens when there is an intimacy of the mind to the point that the "lover" is the person you turn to  in times of need (instead of your spouse). People in this type of affair may fill a void that they are lacking from their own primary relationships.


Adding both the sexual and emotional affairs gives birth to a dangerous type of infidelity called the Mind-Body affair. It entails being in sync emotionally, sexually, spiritually, and intellectually. Although it seems like your lover is the "perfect" match for you, this affair generates consequences that can potentially be detrimental especially when children are involved.


According to a 2014 research published in the Journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, heterosexual women are more likely to be upset by emotional infidelity with a whopping percentage of 65%. While the heterosexual male participants were more likely to be upset by sexual infidelity (54%). The researchers suggest that the differences may be due to the societal norms wherein men get their prowess through sex as women harness it from emotional relations.

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After knowing all these types of affairs, which type can upset and anger you the most if it happens to you?

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