How An Anxiety Attack Changed My View On Life

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I heard my heart pound as fast as it could! It was as if horses want to escape out of my chest. I was getting dizzier as time passed. Not to mention, I was sweating profusely. Every hair on my body went up! I knew I needed a break. My body's alarm system craved my attention.


I am happy to walk you through the beginning. From a young age, my parents and my resources have blessed with the academic skills to do well in school. I was consistently in the "higher level classes" and have been in the honor roll. I finished with undergraduate degree when I was 19 and earned Second-class honours (i.e., 2i or Magna cum laude). Soon after, I fulfilled my childhood dream by becoming an author. Few years down the road, I had set my mind to a distinct career path. I was offered a coveted promotion that people typically receive at the height of their careers.

By merely reading the above paragraph, you will get a grasp of how seemingly fast-paced my life is. Imagine my initial reaction!

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