2014 Countdown: Best Miss Psychobabble Articles of the Year

By: Anna Agoncillo

Looks like year 2014 is coming to an end. I really had an awesome run and it won't be possible if it were not for you!
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When I started blogging in August of this year, I never knew how overwhelming the response will be. I'm almost reaching the 9,500 viewers mark (in less than 5 months). I went viral in a couple of popular websites such as Bored Panda, Thought Catalog, and Psychology Jokes. Lastly, I had the chance to write for an amazing group of people such as BreakDSilence/EmbraceD, SGPsychStuff, and Money Digest. 

To commemorate my work in the past year…I have collated, and ranked each on of them. The rankings are based on the total views on each of the respective posts.

5. Psychology Quizzes: 5 Enjoyable Personality and Brain Short Quizzes for Everyone!

Bored? Try these! Personally, I'm obsessed with answering Play Buzz quizzes, especially when I'm killing time. Remember that these tests are purely indicative and for entertainment purposes alone.

Know what is your brain actually good at, what type of person you attract, and more!

Time to Change: Make 2015 Your Year!

By: Anna Agoncillo
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There comes a point in any journey when we realize that we are nearing the end. And simply knowing this is a tremendous boost. But, before anything else, I'd like to extend my gratitude to all who believed in me and supported me as I pour my heart out in everything that I've written thus far. 

Also, I want to share an inspiring story of a remarkable guy named Ryan. I know Ryan is not the guy that wants to be put in the pedestal. But, I believe in giving credit when someone really deserves it. And, believe me, he does. 

Image Credits: Ryan

How to Win a Woman's Heart...Why Science Thinks Mystery is Sexy!

By: Anna Agoncillo

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A current study of forty-seven female undergraduates at the University of Virginia showed that women were more attracted to men who liked them a lot than those who liked them a little bit. But interestingly, they were most attracted to men whose feelings for them are uncertain (Whitchurch, Wilson & Gilbert, 2011). Not displaying your affections too openly and appearing as a bit selective seems to be more attractive. 

Even Socrates agrees that "waiting and playing hard-to-get" will help you win the sincerest of friends by being as desirable as possible. He once said these…
"They will appreciate your favors most highly if you wait till they ask for them." 
"And how can I make them hunger for my fare?” Theodota asks.
“Why, in the first place, you must not offer it to them when they have had enough…then when they feel the want, you must prompt them by behaving as a model of propriety, by a show of reluctance to yield, and by holding back until they are as keen as can be; for then the same gifts are much more to the recipient than when they are offered before they are desired (Cleomenes, 2002)."
So, why do women prefer men who are hard to read? 
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ASK ANNA #2: Interpret My Weird Dream

Visit Ask Anna Page to find out how to ask!

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Princess Diana asks…

"I'm in a war zone and I'm going through the rubble of the houses, people have set up little tables serving food and my friend is telling me to stay away from the tattooed men at the tables as they are bad but they call me over. I have a sickening twist in my stomach (I feel something bad will happen) but still go over.

Meanwhile, my friend is just calling my name trying to get me to come back but I keep walking through the rubble and on my way the men start laughing and light cigarettes they have a small child and I have her doll, I desperately want to save her but then all these pythons jump in my way, the rubble becomes pythons. The men are gone suddenly and I'm left standing again in the rubble still hearing 'stay away from the tattooed men they are evil'. Then I woke up...what does this mean?"

Learning and Positive Reinforcement: You can be tamed!

By: Anna Agoncillo

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Even I agree that sometimes you have to break the rules to have fun. Living in the fast lane or beating the red light with the breeze of cool air in your face as you cruise with your friends in the road may give you the exhilarating feeling!
But, like wild animals, your beast side can be tamed...with a little thing called positive reinforcement.
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Operant Conditioning by B.F. Skinner

The central component of operant conditioning is reinforcement. Operant conditioning is learning in which a behavior is strengthened or weakened depending on the consequences (i.e. favorable or unfavorable) (Feldman, 2011).

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