Cyberpsychology: But first…make way for the Selfie Nation!

By: Anna Agoncillo

These are the headlines that make people wonder---why on earth would someone risk his or her own life just to take the ultimate selfie? Is it because of vanity and narcissism, because of improving self-presentation and personal identity, or because of the rewards (internal or external) they get from taking the “perfect selfie”?

But first… what is a selfie?

A selfie, short for a self-portrait photograph, is usually taken with a mobile phone or a hand-held camera and are usually in a slightly titled manner (Wikipedia, 2014). A study by Bruno and Bertamini (2013) showed that selfies taken by non-professional photographers seemed to have a bias for showing their left cheek (which i do a lot of :)), as seen in the picture below)

Getting To Know You : Anna Agoncillo, Psychology, Teacher, Writer, Singapore

Since I want to be different from the rest, my first blog will be an introduction of who I am (insert sarcasm sign, haha).
I consider myself as an enthusiastic, positive, organized and a hardworking person. I’ve been a consistent academic achiever ever since I was young. I graduated with B.Sc. honours in Psychological Studies under the Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK. I’m currently residing in Singapore. 

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