Food And Psychology: How Junk Food Control Our Eating Habits

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Obesity has become a greater health problem than hunger worldwide.  Most cases are attributed from one's sedentary lifestyle - lack of physical activity and indulgence on unhealthy food.  Little do you know that junk food not only causes you to gain weight but it also causes you to stick to fixed eating preferences.

Social Psychology And Attraction: Dogs Can Make You More Attractive Instantly

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Forget designer suits and flashy vehicles because a furry wingman might just be your secret weapon to find a lovely date!

According to a recent study of 2,000 Brits, the biggest turn-on apart from physical attraction is someone who owns a pet dog. In fact, 1 in 5 women found a man with a dog more attractive. This showed that a dog is twice as appealing as having a hefty salary or a huge house. 

Love And Attraction: Which Type Of Infidelity Will Anger You The Most?

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As overly dramatized by the media, the society clamors for a good story about public personalities who had messy affairs. This influenced the shift towards the acceptance of affairs. Nowadays, some people see affairs as an option for men or women to gain the excitement and intimacy that they otherwise lack in their dull marriages.

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