Internet And Social Psychology: How Much Online PDA Can We Take?

By: Anna Agoncillo
Image Credits: Pier-Luc Bergeron via Flickr with Creative Commons
Social media has become an accessible mirror - reflecting who we are as a person. A venue where we present not only ourselves but also our most treasured relationships. And, no matter whom your Facebook "friends" are, there will always be a couple or two who are outwardly affectionate with their feelings toward each other.

Do not get me wrong, in moderation; most of these love-filled photographs are cute. But some posts are just too much to handle! To the point that it may make you leave a potent comment such as: "GET A ROOM"! Hold those feelings for now as we take a time to listen to what science has to say…

Life Lessons: Important Lessons From My First Job Experience After College

By: Anna Agoncillo
Image Credits: IModels Holdings
This is especially addressed for the young adults who had just graduated from college. :) 

Finally, after grueling years of hard work, you have graduated! The next chapter ahead would not be easier but, I hope you find success and happiness in the process. 

A couple of weeks after I graduated, I immediately landed my first full-time job. I was overwhelmed with how fast everything went! I know that there were going to be challenges ahead from workplace drama to workplace etiquette yet deep inside me, I felt excited and ready to transition to the working life. 

In the beginning, my goal was to make enough money to save up for my graduate studies and to help my parents in the household expenses. I did so. I gave about 10% of my salary to my parents and 50% would go to my savings account. Aside from following my long-term goals, here were the important lessons I realized from my first job experience after college...

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