Psychology Hacks: How To "Win" The Break-up

Image Credits:  (CC0 Public Domain)
We will all experience breaking up or parting from someone at least once in our lives. The end of any romantic relationship has its negative effects such as loneliness, distress, and a loss of sense of self. Aside from these negative outcomes, break-ups can also lead to fruitful results such as personal growth and self-improvement. A good coping strategy shall encourage individuals to focus on the positive aspects of their experience while simultaneously minimizing negative emotions. 

Here are some ways to positively handle your recent break-up: 


Accept your emotions and allow yourself to grieve - to feel pain and anger. We all grieve in different ways, which is why there is no actual time limit for it. But, there is a difference between healthy grieving and drowning in depression and regret. Set a maximum of 30 minutes of grieving each day followed by an uplifting task. This will allow you to reflect and process your loss. 

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