Mindfulness And Meditation: Be Mindful And Less Mind Full

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Many people are addicted to all sorts of things such as drugs or alcohol but one of the greatest addictions that is rarely documented is the addiction to thinking.

You contemplate on many things at once just to beat the horrific deadlines and to please your demanding boss. One moment you are thinking about a delicious restaurant to eat, the next moment you are questioning what exactly are you doing with your life!

Thinking will only confuse you. Thinking will lead you away from the simplicity of the present moment.

Hence, you must remember the essence of slowing down. Give yourself the break it deserves through mindfulness and meditation.

4 "Short" Psychology Videos Everyone Must Watch

By: Anna Agoncillo

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Say you have less than ten minutes to spare. Instead of waiting for that clock to turn fast, get engrossed with these profound and entertaining Psychology videos…


Length: 6.47 minutes

The Stanford Prison Experiment is one of the most controversial experiments of all time. Led by psychologist Philip Zimbardo in 1971, this behavioral experiment showed how healthy university students can transform into unstable prisoners and cruel prison guards. Within days, the unhealthy power of the situation consumed most of the students' minds. 

Watch as the events unfold on this short footage:

Amazing Ways To Enhance Your Child's Mental Toughness Thru Sport

By: Anna Agoncillo
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As a parent, you only want what is best for your child.

You shower your beloved with affection and material things to keep your kid happy. You ensure that you are only one call away to keep your kid safe. But what you do for your child is not enough! You must teach him or her the essential skills needed to be successful in life. 

Essential skills such as focus, determination, resilience, and confidence (even under immense pressure) can be transferred over almost all the areas of your child's life.

What safer and better way can your beloved learn these skills than by participating in sport? 

But before anything else, I must remind you how different things are than before.

Life Lessons: The Day I Thought I Was Going To Die

By: Anna Agoncillo
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As the wheels of the aircraft were getting ready for take-off, the surge of negative emotions deep inside me were too. In my mind, I thought that was the day I was going to die.

4 hours before…

Before reaching the airport, the nationwide scare brought by the "Tanim Bala Scam" urged the passengers of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (Philippines) to cover-up their baggages securely. 

Allegedly, officials "plant" live ammunition in the unsuspecting passenger's luggage and then busting this international traveler for having bullets in his bag. Victims of this scam were asked to pay a hefty fine or to face the consequences of "their" actions (i.e., imprisonment and fines). 

And, nobody wants to become a victim! Not even me. 

Everything You Need To Know About Mental Toughness

By: Anna Agoncillo
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Have you ever wondered what makes elite athletes or great leaders excel from the rest? 

Is it because of their innate skills or their formative environments? Most likely, it is the combination of the two plus an ability called Mental Toughness.

Mental Toughness helps an athlete to positively persevere despite the difficult circumstances. And, it can help you too!


This Psychology term has been frequently used by Sport Psychologists, coaches, and business leaders. Despite of its popularity in Applied Sport Psychology, experts have yet to arrive at a singular description for it. 

Suggested Mental Toughness definitions from 1970s-1990s include:

a. an ability to persist,
b. an ability to overcome failures,
c. the possession of superior mental skills,
d. and an ability to cope with pressure, stress, and adversity.

5 Mental Strategies To Ace Your Exams Like A Champion

By: Anna Agoncillo
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If you are reading this, chances are you have had your share of exam anxiety. Do not fret, it happens to everyone!

Fortunately, you can manage your anxiety and stress to fuel your performance through the use of efficient Mental Strategies. These 5 Mental Strategies will help you boost your Mental Toughness and later on lead you to perform better:


To build awareness of what needs to happen and to stay on track of your task, you must set your "study goals" first. Goal setting involves two things namely: (a.) identifying your goals and (b.) knowing the essential resources.

It is not enough to say that you want to study more; you must make your goals S.M.A.R.T. A S.M.A.R.T. goal is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Based (e.g., 4 hours of study time daily). Furthermore, you shall prepare a study place that is conducive for learning.


Once your goals are clearly set, you must confidently take your first attempt. It might be too much to drastically start with 4 hours of study time a day, so start with at least 45 minutes daily. Give continued  effort to the task as effort is power.

You can also analyze the factors that hinder you from studying, such as distractions from external noises or too much texting. Then, add another goal that is fit to counteract these distractions such turning your hand-phone off for 2 hours.

Social Psychology: Why Do Mistresses Exist?

By: Anna Agoncillo
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As much as people despise the "other woman" or the "other man", they are there for a reason. History suggests that powerful men tend to gather great numbers of women and as we all know, history can repeat itself. Modern times cannot escape the existence of mistresses.

Let me start by discussing why married men are deemed to be attractive by some. 


In the game of love, does the statement: "Monkey see, Monkey do" apply?

Well, it just may. 

A study found that people take cues from others on deciding who is attractive. For instance, the findings showed that women who are single were more attracted to the photographs of men who were said to be "in a relationship". 

Book Review: 5 Greatest Things You'll Learn From Psychology Of Love, Money, & Life

By: Anna Agoncillo
You deserve to achieve understanding, awareness, and especially control over your life. Everyone does. And, "Psychology Of Love, Money, & Life" book might just be the answer!

Aside from the "A Hack A Day – 5 ways to use psychology to your benefit" and "Simple Money Hacks To Improve Your Financial Life Now", here are the 5 greatest things you'll learn from the book...

There you go, a brief peek inside my #PLMLBook. It is available on Amazon (Kindle), Google Play BooksApple Itunes, M1 Learning Centre, and Kobo.
Grab the copy with the price that suits you best! :)

Ways To Improve Your Brain's Health Through Video Games

By: Anna Agoncillo | First Seen on: SGPsychStuff

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Contrary to popular belief, many video games have physiological, educational, and Psychological benefits for its players. Games that need repetitive actions such as swinging the controller like a tennis racket or targeting the mouse to the moving object can train the muscles to perform faster and better in real-life situations.

While, cognitive video game training is proven to form new neural connections in the brain. The enticing reward system embedded in each game motivates the players to continuously improve in their skills. 

Artist Transforms Mental Disorders Into Illustrated Monsters

By: Anna Agoncillo

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In 2013, an artist by the name of Toby Allen created the artworks of "real life monsters" that had been crippling the lives of several people.

His intention is not to make light of these serious mental disorders but instead; he wanted these so-called monsters to appear more manageable and relatable. True enough, these mental disorders are more manageable with the guidance of qualified professionals that suitable use treatments such as Psychotherapy and Psychopharmacology. 

See his imaginative creations here:


Passion: How To Pursue What You Love In Work And Life

By: Anna Agoncillo
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I had an interesting conversation with my sister the other day. It started casually with me asking her a simple question: "Are you willing to do everything in the pursuit of what you love?"

In no time, my teenage sister answered without hesitation: "I am willing to take the risks and take on new adventures in order to get what I love. It is because I want to do something that will make me happy." As a university student who majors in Management and Communication, she added: "It is the economics of life that states - higher risk is equal to higher return."

Psychology Of Love And Attraction: You Are There For A Reason

By: Anna Agoncillo and Anonymous Guest Writer 

This is a story of someone who experienced young love and pure attraction first hand…
Image Credits: pixabay.com (CC0 Public Domain)
Psychology Of Love

As time passes, our definition of love seems to demystify. We learn more about the chemical reactions that produce it, its observable effects on our behavior, and its diversity across culture. Truthfully, falling in love with someone is combination of Biological, Psychological, and Social processes. 

If you watched the complete series of "How I Met Your Mother" then, you would not forget the time when Barney Stinson muttered about the "Lemon Law":

Move Away Self-Esteem; Make Way For Self-Compassion

By: Anna Agoncillo and Ooi Huan Jie
 Image Credits: Juliana Coutinho via Flickr with CC License
I am strong. I am capable. I can do anything. Repeat.

These are the positive statements that people often tell themselves to alter their attitude for the better. But, does it truly improve everyone's Self-Esteem? Some findings showed otherwise. In 2009, a study called: "Positive self-statements: Power for some, Peril for others" showed that positive statements helped people with high esteem to feel good. However, it worsens the feelings of individuals with low Self-Esteem.

Mob Mentality And Discrimination: Low Yat Plaza Riot

Words By: Hew & Tan Jia Yue from MY Psychology of HELP University | Edited By: Anna Agoncillo
Image Credits: Katie Lips via Flickr with Creative Commons License

For Americans, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unfortunately for Malaysians, they have no Las Vegas; instead, they have a jungle of a city where a small provocation spreads like a plague from edge to edge. And, where political issues are almost always took to the streets. 

Recently, several Malaysian men trashed a mobile phone shop at Low Yat Plaza, Malaysia, which cost over S$25,000 (US$18,000). The Chinese owner of the shop was in awe as it exploded into a riot. This incidence is perplexing, simply because of its definite cause. Now that accurate reports have been slowly shown to light, is a mundane incident of theft. 

How can such a fiddling criminal incident, escalate to a full scale riot where people ran in streets and store alleys, where they beat up others, and smashed some cars? All these happened while the police force stood there bewildering at the magnitude of the event, stunned into silence and inaction. People argue that this maybe due to a tension between Chinese and Malays.

But all of these would not have been blown out of proportion if not for the combination socio-economic, religious, environmental, and psychological factors. 

Flowers Can Improve Your Emotional Health And Other Areas Of Life In Just 5 Ways

By: Anna Agoncillo
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Wonderfully diverse in colors, shapes, and sizes, flowers of all kind blossom to brighten up our days. Since the beginning of time, these beautiful creations had emerged as an evolutionary tool for pleasure, memory, and transcendence. Flowers are able to express a myriad of emotions from the declarations of love to the melodies of sympathy. It can even be used as a means of spiritual communication. The wide spectrum of positive and negative emotions that flowers are able to convey makes it the perfect gift.

On that note, here are the 5 Ways Flowers Can Improve Your Emotional Health And Other Areas Of Life


A group of researchers from Rutgers University, New Jersey found that the mere presence of flowers immediately boosted the participants' happiness levels. All of them, regardless of their ages, had universal and genuine smiles across their faces. Indeed gorgeous blooms can trigger happy emotions. 

9 Perfect Gifts For Psychology Majors And Freud Enthusiasts

By: Anna Agoncillo
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From brain-shaped ice cubes to Freudian therapy balls or Psychological board games, here are the 9 Perfect Gifts For Psychology Majors And Freud Enthusiasts...



Image Credits: Brain Level via Etsy.com
Using eco-friendly inks, the Reverse Psychology T-shirts are printed after you order. It comes in 9 colors with sizes ranging from S to XXL. So, there is surely something for everyone! 

Available here

Internet And Social Psychology: How Much Online PDA Can We Take?

By: Anna Agoncillo
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Social media has become an accessible mirror - reflecting who we are as a person. A venue where we present not only ourselves but also our most treasured relationships. And, no matter whom your Facebook "friends" are, there will always be a couple or two who are outwardly affectionate with their feelings toward each other.

Do not get me wrong, in moderation; most of these love-filled photographs are cute. But some posts are just too much to handle! To the point that it may make you leave a potent comment such as: "GET A ROOM"! Hold those feelings for now as we take a time to listen to what science has to say…

Life Lessons: Important Lessons From My First Job Experience After College

By: Anna Agoncillo
Image Credits: IModels Holdings
This is especially addressed for the young adults who had just graduated from college. :) 

Finally, after grueling years of hard work, you have graduated! The next chapter ahead would not be easier but, I hope you find success and happiness in the process. 

A couple of weeks after I graduated, I immediately landed my first full-time job. I was overwhelmed with how fast everything went! I know that there were going to be challenges ahead from workplace drama to workplace etiquette yet deep inside me, I felt excited and ready to transition to the working life. 

In the beginning, my goal was to make enough money to save up for my graduate studies and to help my parents in the household expenses. I did so. I gave about 10% of my salary to my parents and 50% would go to my savings account. Aside from following my long-term goals, here were the important lessons I realized from my first job experience after college...

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy And Social Psychology: Fake It 'Till You Make It True

By: Anna Agoncillo

Image Credits: instagram.com/criswalkz
Whether you are a strong believer of predictions or not, there is one Psychological phenomenon that make predictions real. It is called the "Self-fulfilling Prophecy"

Self-fulfilling Prophecy, as the name suggests, are expectations about the occurrence of a future event or behavior that act to increase the likelihood the event or behavior will occur (Feldman, 2012).
In 1948, sociologist Robert K. Merton defined Self-Fulfilling Prophecy as: "the beginning, a false definition of the situation evoking a new behavior which makes the original false conception come true"

ASK ANNA #7: How To Overcome Fear In The 21st Century

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Anonymous asks

Why do we fear? How do you conquer it? 

Anna says

Fear is an unpleasant emotion and a vital response to physical and emotional perception of danger. Aside from its cognitive aspects, fear also has an evolutionary root that helps us to survive. If we do not have the capability to be fearful and take tremendous risks then, we could have not survived for long.

The Ripple Effect: Everything Is Interconnected

By: Anna Agoncillo and Michael Cahapay | michaelcahapay.blogspot.com

Image Credits: Khairul Nizam via Flickr
Everything is interconnected. Every little thing you do can influence someone else's life.  As cliché as this may sound, these statements speak volumes of circumstantial truth.

Picture a person throwing a piece of stone into the river full of small fishes. He will then see a splash creating circles rippling out from the point where the stone hit the water. This thrown stone (although it might be small in nature), might have significant effects such as scaring the nearby school of fish or hitting another rock along the way.

Life Lessons: 5 Profound Lessons I Got From Teaching Young Minds

By: Anna Agoncillo
Image Credits: Dexter Arver of VMware via blogs.vmware.com
Being able to teach young children the skills to process, analyze, reason, judge, and apply knowledge, gave me the important realizations that I will carry on with me throughout my life. On that note, here are the 5 Profound Lessons I Learnt From Teaching Young Minds


This principle guided us every time we step in the classroom. Our purpose is clear: to teach the kids how to think and not what to think. The fundamental aspects of schooling are cognitive skills, which are rarely taught in school. Hence, it is important for the parents and the teachers to stimulate the child's abilities.

ASK ANNA #6: How To Make Quicker And More Accurate Decisions?

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Image Credits: Satya Murthy via Flickr
Tiger asks…

I don't know how to explain this. But when I buy something...I buy it and then, after a couple of days, I feel like I bought the wrong one. So I bought a backpack yesterday, it's not my usual style but I liked it at that time. Then today I feel like returning it. I don't know why but I feel like I'm really indecisive in everything I do. I have to think over and over again about a single thing. This is really frustrating. How can I get rid of this?

Free Apps: 5 FREE Mental Health Apps To Improve Your Life

By: Anna Agoncillo
Image Credits: CAFNR via Flickr
There is a wide selection of Apps that will help improve your physical, emotional, and mental health. Hidden through it all are these free yet efficient gems we all should have…


Available on Android and iOS

Tired of running away from anxiety? Then, face it with MindShift App. Developed by Anxiety BC, MindShift App is designed to help individuals to cope efficiently with anxiety. It teaches its users to develop new thinking, healthy activities, and relaxation skills designed to cope with anxiety (e.g., performance or social anxiety), worry, panic, and more.
Image Credits: MindShift via Itunes

Health Psychology And Exercise Motivation: The Good And Bad Reasons Why People Exercise

By: Anna Agoncillo
Image Credits: Victor Tongdee via Flickr
Exercise, a subset of physical activity, is structured and goal oriented. Whether you are hitting the gym, yoga studio, or other fitness centers…you are there on a MISSION. The reason behind your intended goal is personal and subjective. Ideally, it should come from a good place in order to maximize its benefits. But in reality, the motivation to exercise is influenced by several factors such as age group, gender differences, emotional state, and exercise intensity. 


According to research, here are the Top 10 Reasons Why Men And Women Exercise:

Best Psychological Movies You Should Watch

By: Anna Agoncillo
Image Credits: ScypaxPictures via Flickr
Art and Psychology go hand in hand. In fact, the best cinematic art illustrates human condition, which is ultimately, the core of Psychological studies.

Enjoy at least two of these beautifully made films especially if you are taking up Psychology as a subject. As a student of Psychology, you must analyze films that portray mental illnesses, suffering, existential meaning, resilience, strengths, and virtues. This will not only help you to understand the disorders but it will also help you empathize with the characters.

Without further ado, here are some movies that are actually worth your time…

Genre: Biography & Drama


Genre: Drama & Thriller

Positive Psychology And Motivation: 5 Steps To Achieve Anything You've Envisioned

By: Anna Agoncillo

Image Credits: Bruce McKay via Flickr
Everyone is pretty much up knowledgeable with the dynamics of goal setting. You start by setting a specific goal, employing rewards, recording your progress, and making strict commitments. If its dynamics are laid out, why are some people still failing?


One of the biggest foes of any goal is excessive positive fantasizing (experiencing mental images about a desired future positively). It has been shown to be associated with failures to get a job, find a partner and pass an exam. It may even cost you harsh decisions such as losing a car over a perceptive positive win at a poker game. 

7 Ways To Encourage Your Child To Be Expressive And Creative


By: Anna Agoncillo
Image Credits: David Woo via Flickr
Bounded by peer pressure and media messages, children today may find it hard to be themselves. Children who do not express themselves genuinely can become people-pleasers with low self-esteem or unhappy adults who cannot reach their fullest potentials. This is why as parents, it is important to encourage the child to be more expressive and creative.

Aside from fostering self-expression, imagination and art therapy has been shown to reduce the feelings of pain in children. Here are 7 Ways to Help You Encourage Expression and Creativity


Give your child an unstructured time (e.g., 30 minutes, 1 hour, or so) to do whatever he/she wants. This free time will help your child to digest what happened during the day and to use endless imagination.

5 Love Languages: How To Build Loving Relationships In Just 4 Steps

By: Anna Agoncillo
Image Credits: Kelley Boone via Flickr
One of the common reasons why two people break up is because one takes the other for granted. Naturally born as social beings, we all have a need to be loved and feel loved. Once your partner does not fill our "emotional tank" you may feel ignored, lonely, and upset. This is why it is important to communicate through each others language of love.

Dr. Gary Chapman, the renowned author of the "5 Love Languages", highlights that there are 5 ways that we can communicate love namely: through words of affirmation, receiving gifts, quality time, acts of service, or physical touch

ASK ANNA #4: Saying Sorry Too Much

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Image Credits: butupa via Flickr

Mr. Krabs asks…

I always say sorry even though I didn't do anything wrong. To the person I bump, to the sales lady if I'm asking for another size I didn't see. I made it an expression. Am i too insecure? Help me anna!

Anna says...

Yes! Your constant need to say sorry may be rooted from different things such as low self-esteem, higher sense of guilt, overly strict parents, inferiority complex from childhood, or internal locus of control. 

It is certainly good to say sorry…if it is necessary. However, if there is no valid reason to be sorry then it may affect your everyday relationships. For instance, in business, your clients need to feel that you have good judgement. But, constantly apologizing doesn't send that message. 

Art Appreciation Boosts Stroke Recovery Physically And Psychologically

By: Anna Agoncillo
Image Credits: Dustin Gaffke via Flickr
Art therapy that fosters creativity can help several of mental and physical conditions such as anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), cancer, and stroke. Truly, expressive art benefits people with serious disorders. 

Art therapy has been proven to be successful in ways that are different from the traditional therapies. 

Three years ago, a study found that stroke survivors who enjoyed painting, music, and theater had better recovery than patients who did not. 

Psychology, Love, And Advice: How To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

By: Anna Agoncillo
Image Credits: J.K. Califf via Flickr
As Rumi once said, “Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love".

Be bold enough to follow what your heart speaks, even if what you really love is thousands of miles away. Speaking from experience, a long distance relationship (LDR) may be hard at first but you will have to conquer the obstacles together.

Both of you shall be willing to give up your time and effort to keep the relationship alive. If you survive the distance…your relationship can survive anything.


You are not alone. A study by Cornell University showed that between a quarter and a half of college students are currently in a long distance relationship. Surely, being in a LDR while in your 20s will help you find yourself without being defined by anybody else. 

If you are new to the scene and you feel uneasy…get the support you need from your family, friends, or online forums. LDRs are present in all walks of life so do not fret.

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