ASK ANNA #7: How To Overcome Fear In The 21st Century

May 21, 2015

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Anonymous asks

Why do we fear? How do you conquer it? 

Anna says

Fear is an unpleasant emotion and a vital response to physical and emotional perception of danger. Aside from its cognitive aspects, fear also has an evolutionary root that helps us to survive. If we do not have the capability to be fearful and take tremendous risks then, we could have not survived for long.

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Way back in the day, fear (including the fight or flight response) is used by the hunters to stay away from harmful predators while in the 21st century, it is used by the individuals to function efficiently in various environments. It has come to a point where our fears are beyond the external threats and they mostly exist in our minds. For instance, people fear the unknown which is why they are hesitant to make future job risks (e.g., changing or quitting jobs). Fearing things that have not happened such as the economic downturn daunts some people. Though fear may aid our survival, it also holds us back to attain our fullest potential especially if the constant fear is due to a false threat. 

An irrational fear is a… 

Crippled by a life of fear can destroy your confidence, refrain you from trying new things, and harm your mental health. This is why it is important to conquer your irrational fear. Here is a short yet informative video to help you with that…

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