Cognitive Economy: Why Automatic is Genius and Pragmatic

Image Credits: Saad Faruque via Flickr
Admit it, you schemed through and scrolled down first to get a glimpse of this article. We all have the ability of simplified and (often times) automatic thinking. In Psychology, this tendency is called cognitive economy. 


The tendency for cognitive processes to minimize processing effort and resources (Colman, 2014). It assumes that when we categorize our brains we try to make them informative with as little expenditure of mental energy as possible. 

We make an average of 226.7 decisions everyday in food alone (Wansink, & Sobal, 2007). Yes, that’s a lot and we are not even aware of some of them! We make hundreds of decisions every day but is it beneficial to cut it down?

A good example unveils the reason behind “Why does Mark Zuckerberg wear the same grey t-shirt every day?”.

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