PART I, Dreams and Dream Analysis: A Peek into the depths of the Unconscious

By: Anna Agoncillo

Since dreams are fascinating, I divided this topic into two posts. May you find it as equally interesting as I do! :)



Why do we dream?

Personally, I adore analyzing dreams; I find it genuinely entertaining. I believe that sleeping is essential to our survival, and its by product is not meaningless. Dreams are small facets of you and your personality. 
It is the gateway to your unconscious mind where your imagination runs wild. In here, your deepest and darkest desires, thoughts, wishes and memories resides. Here are some of well-known dream theories (don't worry, there is a TL;DR [too long; I didn't read =P] version at the end) :

Psychology Quizzes: 5 Enjoyable Personality and Brain Short Quizzes for Everyone!

By Anna Agoncillo

Bored? Try these! Personally, I'm obsessed with answering Play Buzz quizzes, especially when I'm killing time. Remember that these tests are purely indicative and for entertainment purposes alone.
For best results, kindly answer each item honestly. You may also, share it with your friends or suggest a great quiz for me to check out. Enjoy!:) 

1. Underneath your subconscious lies your heart's desires, unleash it if you must!

2. It only takes 1 question to see a glimpse of you!

Family, Evolutionary and Developmental Psychology: A Mother's Race

By Anna Agoncillo

This story is about how my mother gave me the greatest birthday present of all, it’s much bigger than P16,000 worth of Nike Gift Certificates...

Mothers: Evolutionary and Developmental perspective

Evolution predisposed mothers to be highly sensitive in attending to their infant’s needs (Hrdy, 1999). Furthermore, mothers spend time with their children more than their fathers do (Bianchi, 2000). 

One indication that a behaviour is evolutionary is when it is also evident in the animal kingdom (where learning complexities and higher form of cognition are limited).

Here is a great example:

"During their hibernation, momma bears of various species lose as much as half of their body weight while their nursing cubs grow rapidly off of their milk (Bored Panda, 2014)."

More often than not, mothers devote their time to caregiving (e.g., feeding food, changing diapers) whilst fathers spend their time playing with the children (Sigelman & Rider, 2012).Yet, studies show that fathers are able to adapt the “motherlike” role if they are primarily responsible for their child (Phares, 1999).

I couldn't agree more. I'm very blessed to have a mother that is supportive and affectionate.

When maternal instinct kicks in... 

I never thought that after 6 years, I will have an opportunity to share this inspiring story.  

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