Psychology Quizzes: 5 Enjoyable Personality and Brain Short Quizzes for Everyone!

September 16, 2014

By Anna Agoncillo

Bored? Try these! Personally, I'm obsessed with answering Play Buzz quizzes, especially when I'm killing time. Remember that these tests are purely indicative and for entertainment purposes alone.

For best results, kindly answer each item honestly. You may also, share it with your friends or suggest a great quiz for me to check out. Enjoy!:) 

1. Underneath your subconscious lies your heart's desires, unleash it if you must!

2. It only takes 1 question to see a glimpse of you!

3. Apparently I have a more Linguistic brain, want to know yours?

4. Inspired by one of my favourite Psychologists, Carl Jung:

5. and Finally, 

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