Color Psychology and Lifestyle: How to Wear Your Mood

September 09, 2014

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Often, deciding what to wear can be difficult! But not for long, in this article, you’ll know the meaning behind each color and what impression it can give towards others. BE TRUE! BE HUE! :)


* have meanings that are based on learning or innate factors.
* can increase arousal while arousal can increase memory therefore colors can act as memory enhancers. (5, 6)
The sight of COLOR automatically stimulates the person and induces color-motivated behavior (as affected by the situation). (1)

Pink: Feeling romantic? Wear Pink!

Physical: Calming Effects

Pink is sometimes used in prisons to calm the inmates. (4) It is best to wear pink with neutral tones such as white, dove grey or cocoa. (17)
Emotional: It exudes sophistication, love and sincerity. (2, 3)

Red: Want to release your Sexual Passion? Go Red!

Physical: Stimulation/ Avoidance Effects

Red stimulates appetite, raises blood pressure and one’s heart rate. (7) Participants who completed an IQ test performed worse on red than green and grey backgrounds. (10)
Emotional: Red signifies sexual readiness, aggression, excitement and strength. (8, 11)

Orange: Want to draw positive attention? Try Orange!

Physical: Comfort Effects

Need a little kick of energy to study? Adding orange to your room can help.
Orange heals the lungs, boosts appetite and increases energy levels. (12) Most cafeterias use it to promote higher sales. (16)
Emotional: Signifies frivolity, happiness, enthusiasm, and warmth. ( 3, 11)

Yellow: Craving to be the center of the room? Go Yellow!

Physical: Stimulating Effects

Yellow's wavelength is relatively long and strongly stimulating. In small doses, it can boost concentration and alertness but too much of it can lead to anxiety. (11) This is why babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms. (13)
Emotional: It expresses optimism, confidence, warmth, and anxiety. (7)

Green: Want to seem like well-balanced person? Go Green!

Physical: Healing Effects

Being in the centre of the spectrum, it is the color of balance. Green has been found to relieve stress, and improve reading ability. Those who have a green work environment experienced fewer stomachaches. (14)
Emotional: It signifies harmony,calmness, reassurance, and blandness. (7, 11)

Blue: Feeling like a smarty-pants? Wear blue!

Physical: Physically and mentally calming effects

Blue lowers the blood pressure and decreases appetite. (7) Research has shown that people are more productive in blue painted rooms. (15) 
Wear darker shades of blue to make you look thinner and taller!
Emotional: It signifies intelligence, loyalty, logic, coldness, and aloofness. (8, 11)

Purple: Want a color that suits any complexion? Try Purple!

Physical: Relaxing effects

Purple seemed to be helpful in sleeping and skin problems. (3, 7) It has the shortest wavelength. This is why; it takes relaxation and awareness to a higher level of thought, even into the dimensions of spirituality. (11)
Emotional: It exudes creativity, spirituality, royalty, immaturity and wisdom. (3, 7, 9)

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