6 "Struggles" That Only Psychology Majors Will Understand

By: Anna Agoncillo
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Among all the courses you may take, Psychology is one of the famous picks. Being a Psychology student, I am used to being asked a whole range of ridiculous questions such as "Can you read my mind?" or "Is depression really a disorder?"

Even though the curriculum and course content may seem "common sense", the methods of assessment (i.e. statistical tests and SPSS) and research (i.e. hundreds of peer-reviewed journal articles) makes Psychology a challenging endeavor. 

On that note, here are the 6 "Struggles" That Only Psychology Majors Will Understand...


Most people assume and dare to ask: "can you guess what I am thinking?". No, we are not mind-readers but we use verbal/ non-verbal cues, intuition, and deductive/ inductive reasoning to help us understand what you feel. 


Your family, friends, or your exes will usually run to you for constructive advise. Often flattering but sometimes weird, people will pour out all their problems to you even though some information are inappropriate 
(that your only wish in that moment is to re-do the whole conversation or blast off some place else).
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Yes! You may have a power to control a person's choices so please remember to be responsible. 

NEWS: Stigma is Running Through the Roof as Russia Forbid Transgenders to Drive

By: Anna Agoncillo
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In order to reduce road accidents, Russia has banned people with mental disorders from driving. Said conditions include: transgender, fetishism, exhibitionism, voyeurism, and pathological gambling.

The Head of the Professional Drivers Union named Alexander Kotov believes that toughening medical requirements for applicants is fully justified.

Even though the road deaths are rampant and unavoidable, does that give us the right to discriminate the abilities of people with mental health?

ASK ANNA #3: Why Do I Resort To (Being With) Girls For My Happiness

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Magneto asks…

I had a girlfriend, she was my best friend we broke up, and I'm not entirely sure of what really happened why we broke up.

We were so happy together…she was the longest and happiest relationship I've ever been in. So, right after the break up I didn't want to be depressed because it would suck, so what I did was I've been with a lot of girls jumping from one relationship to the other trying to make myself happy.

Biopsychology: Is Self-Efficacy Inborn?

By: Anna Agoncillo
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Ever since I was young, our parents indulged us with books that opened our eyes to the wondrous stories that we often imagine. They also immersed us in educational tools and summer classes that shaped our creativity and skills. Far greater than the television, these stimulating resources shaped the curiosities of our young minds. Furthermore, it made us believe that we can do anything we put our minds into.

My parents are very supportive. They gave us the positive mindset that we can succeed in life.

These said belief of personal success is called "self-efficacy".

5 Ways to Get Motivated Today!

By: Anna Agoncillo
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Identify and list down the Top 10 priorities that will lead you to your concrete goals in life (e.g., becoming a teacher or owning your own house).

Choose to undertake the projects that are compatible with your concrete goals in life. Then, allocate most of your time to tasks that improve those projects.

As J.K. Rowling once proclaimed: "it is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities".


Watch this inspiring video that feature quotes from Lily Tomlin, George Eliot, Frank Clark, Betty Smith, Robert Frost, and William Whewell.

Positive Psychology: 6 Ways to Live a Healthier and Happier Life.

By: Anna Agoncillo | First Seen on: SGPsychStuff

One of the common New Year's Resolution is to be happier and to live healthier.

Instead on focusing on what is wrong with you, Positive Psychology helps you to celebrate what is going right and improves that even more. It highlights your strengths and use it to your advantage.

Following its principles, here are 6 Ways you can lead a Healthier and Happier Life...

1. Know and live by your values.

Authentic values (e.g. curiosity, bravery, loyalty, forgiveness, persistence, kindness, leadership, and humor) are very important because these are in lined with your behavior. Identifying your core values will direct you to your personal strengths (Peterson, 2006).

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