ASK ANNA #2: Interpret My Weird Dream

December 16, 2014

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Princess Diana asks…

"I'm in a war zone and I'm going through the rubble of the houses, people have set up little tables serving food and my friend is telling me to stay away from the tattooed men at the tables as they are bad but they call me over. I have a sickening twist in my stomach (I feel something bad will happen) but still go over.

Meanwhile, my friend is just calling my name trying to get me to come back but I keep walking through the rubble and on my way the men start laughing and light cigarettes they have a small child and I have her doll, I desperately want to save her but then all these pythons jump in my way, the rubble becomes pythons. The men are gone suddenly and I'm left standing again in the rubble still hearing 'stay away from the tattooed men they are evil'. Then I woke up...what does this mean?"

Anna says…

You can either interpret the dream literally or by interpreting the symbols within it. 

Literally, your friend is clearly trying to help you to stay away from trouble but you just kept walking towards it. How do you feel about that? 

Symbolically, there are many symbols in your dream: the pythons (snake), your friend, the war are just some. To dream about war means that you or someone close to you is in an unfortunate condition. To dream about snakes can either symbolize your fears, worries or betrayal. Ultimately, it's you who can interpret your dream because how we perceive the world is subjective. 

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