2014 Countdown: Best Miss Psychobabble Articles of the Year

December 27, 2014

By: Anna Agoncillo

Looks like year 2014 is coming to an end. I really had an awesome run and it won't be possible if it were not for you!

Image Credits: Leland Francisco via Flickr
When I started blogging in August of this year, I never knew how overwhelming the response will be. I'm almost reaching the 9,500 viewers mark (in less than 5 months). I went viral in a couple of popular websites such as Bored Panda, Thought Catalog, and Psychology Jokes. Lastly, I had the chance to write for an amazing group of people such as BreakDSilence/EmbraceD, SGPsychStuff, and Money Digest. 

To commemorate my work in the past year…I have collated, and ranked each on of them. The rankings are based on the total views on each of the respective posts.

5. Psychology Quizzes: 5 Enjoyable Personality and Brain Short Quizzes for Everyone!

Bored? Try these! Personally, I'm obsessed with answering Play Buzz quizzes, especially when I'm killing time. Remember that these tests are purely indicative and for entertainment purposes alone.

Know what is your brain actually good at, what type of person you attract, and more!

4. Cyberpsychology: But first…make way for the Selfie Nation!
Why on earth would someone risk his or her own life just to take the ultimate selfie? Is it because of vanity and narcissism, because of improving self-presentation and personal identity, or because of the rewards 
(internal or external) they get from taking the “perfect selfie”?

This is also featured in the amazing Thought Catalog at: http://thoughtcatalog.com/anna-agoncillo/2014/11/psychoanalyzing-the-selfie-nation-whats-the-difference-between-narcissism-and-self-expression/ .

3. Color Psychology and Lifestyle: How to Wear Your Mood

Often, deciding what to wear can be difficult! But not for long, in this article, you’ll know the meaning behind each color and what impression it can give towards others. 

For example, Pink is sometimes used in prisons to calm the inmates. It is best to wear pink with neutral tones such as white, dove grey or cocoa. BE TRUE! BE HUE! :)

2. PART II, Lucid Dreaming and Dream Control: A Peek into the depths of the Unconscious

Films like "Inception" and "Waking Life" tickled our curiosities to the possibility of being to able to control our dreams. Imagine being fully aware of what you’re dreaming, and being able to create objects, people, situations or even travel across multiple dimensions to the extent that it may seem real to you.

Image Credits: planetchopstick via Flickr
This gives you tips on how to control your dreams that is prior to the article about Dreams and Dream Analysis (Read it here).

1. 7 Awesome Memes that only Psychology major and enthusiasts would understand

The number one slot belongs to the humorous memes that are inspired by Psychological theories. It has been viral in Psychology Jokes along with the Invisible Patient Joke (Catch it here).

Thank you for the continued support. And, I wish you nothing but the best for 2015!

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