BLEPP Effect: Rise Above It All

September 08, 2016

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Written by: Inna Agravantes | Edited by: Anna Agoncillo

There are always two sides to a story. The journey of others to becoming a Registered Psychometrician may be triumphant but, it does not translate to everyone. Only a few people from the other end of the pole are willing to share their stories. Thankfully, Inna Agravantes was one of them.

I admire her great resilience despite the unwanted circumstance that she was in. She rose above it all with a mindset that is purely optimistic and hopeful. As of today, her inspiring voice has reached more than 8,000 people.

Here is her incredible story:

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August 30-31 were the days when I took the Board Licensure Examinations for Psychologists & Psychometricians (BLEPP 2016). Like any other test takers, I waited anxiously for the results. It took 6 agonizing days before the results came out. However, I was excited to look at the list of passers and search for my name.

September 6 came and the long-awaited results were finally up! As I scanned the page, my name wasn't there. I tried my hardest to refresh the page and look for my name. The reality dawned on me that I didn't make the cut-off scores. I was extremely disappointed in myself. I felt a surge of heavy emotions such as anger, sorrow, and jealousy. My mind was going in circles and I didn't know what to do! So, I began to pray. I poured all my thoughts and negative emotions through a prayer. I was at the verge of giving up because of the failures I experienced lately.

I felt His presence. He is near and He listens. All my questions were answered immediately and my pain was removed from my shoulders and carried by Him. After talking to God, I experienced immense relief. He vanished my sadness and replaced it with bliss. I was grateful for the ability to bounce back. I began to write about my experience and posted it on Facebook (read it here).

After a few minutes or so, my family and friends began to comment on my post. They commended the courage that I have shown and sent their undying love. The number of shares began to grew but, it was the Philippine Psychometrician Reviewer page that made it possible to reach a lot of people.

When I woke up, my inbox was filled with countless messages from people who were telling me to keep on going and who were very thankful that I served as an inspiration to them. I was so overwhelmed by the people who showed their love and support to me just by sharing my story.

As I read through the messages, I realized that there were some people (mostly Psychology majors) who had tougher challenges than me. They have been through worse situations but, they learned to pick themselves up. Passers, re-takers, and Psychology majors who weren't able to gather their courage to take the boards expressed their admiration by giving heartwarming messages.

There were also those people who hail from different professions and who were experiencing the same circumstance as me. They told me that I was a blessing to them and wished they had the courage to move on.

"To God be all the glory and praises!" are all I could utterly say to them. I never thought that a single, simple post can inspire a lot of people and help strengthen their faith. This goes to show that He has greater plans for me. My failure and "brokenness" served as a message of hope and reassurance. I honestly felt like I already passed because of this blessing in disguise.

To my fellow Psychology majors who failed to gather their courage or to pass the BLEPP, I believe that we already have the advantage of understanding ourselves. I know that we will bounce back from this and take risks once more. That is what we do!

And to my fellow Psychology majors who passed the BLEPP, I couldn't be more proud and happy for you guys! You are all worth looking up to! Continue to inspire others with what you have achieved and what you will achieve in the future.

I once asked myself about a life without failures and only wonderful times. It was a good thought at first but, it was pointless.

We live to feel all that there is to feel. Love, pain, sorrow, anger...everything! From now on, I will stop complaining whenever I face difficulties in life. Instead, I will start praising because God has given me life. Drop things down and live an imperfect life full of ups and downs!

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Funny enough, fate brought us together from Day 1 as I sat in front of Inna during the examinations. :)

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