December 27, 2016

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Describing the Year 2016 as "surprising" is an understatement!

Several significant events happened throughout the globe. Syrian War caused tremendous devastation especially to innocent young children. Reality star and business mogul Donald Trump won the United States presidential election. Renowned celebrities such as Prince, Carrie Fisher, and Alan Rickman passed away.

I shall bring the lenses closer to home! An observable political shift swept the Philippines and the international authorities. We cannot predict what will happen next.

Zooming in further will give you a glimpse of the holistic summation of my year. I reached potent milestones in my adult life. These achievements were made possible by using "goal setting". I will share more about its power in the succeeding article. 

Now, let us move on to the countdown. I collated and ranked my recent articles to commemorate the work that I had done during the past year. The rankings are based on the total views on each of the respective posts.

Here are five of Miss Psychobabble's best articles for 2016:

5. 3 Ways To Positively Express Your Condolences

Searching for the "right" words to say can be a serious struggle! Let me help you with that. 

4. BLEPP EFFECT: Rise Above It All

The journey of others to becoming a Registered Psychometrician may be triumphant but, it does not translate to everyone. Inna Agravantes was one of the latter. Here is her incredible story.

3. BLEPP EFFECT: How I Became A Registered Psychometrician

Out of the 7,312 people who took the licensure examinations in the country, only 3,690 people passed. I was one of the lucky few. I never knew that it would be possible!

2. How To "Win" The Break-up

We will all experience breaking up or parting from someone at least once in our lives. So, here are some ways to positively handle your recent break-up. Do not be bitter just yet!

1. Which Type Of Infidelity Will Anger You The Most?

As overly dramatized by the media, the society clamors for a good story about public personalities who had messy affairs. Nowadays, some people see affairs as an option for men or women to gain the excitement and intimacy that they otherwise lack in their dull marriages. This list shall enlighten you about the different types of affairs.

Image Credits: pixabay.com
This concludes our humble annual countdown. :)

I wish you a JOYFUL NEW YEAR ahead!!! 
And, THANK YOU for your continued support to Miss Psychobabble. 

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